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      This product is the world's first high-definition infrared camera watch, and has waterproof features. The design and manufacturing accord with to 3 degrees waterproof standards (waterproof to 30 meters) related technology, but because of the special structure of this product, this does not mean you can wear the product when diving for underwater video recording, also can not guarantee that this product won’t have seepage under water pressure and maintain normal work, all the waterproof design of the product just to avoid a small amount of liquid or dusts flying into the product inside the case and damage the product, so it can not be placed in underwater to work, and you may need guidance in strict accordance with the instructions to use the product, if the product damaged causing by improper use, we will not provide warranty and after-sales service for this product.

      Before use please read the following锛
      This product of ability for playing its waterproof ,you need to strictly abide by the following methods:
      1.The nut, A锛歁IC1 and the nut,B:MIC2 are
      2.microphone hole nut, the height of them are same.
      3.The nut A, MIC1 is with a hole in the center of 
      the nut(the following picture),it is for transmit the sound. If the environment permits, please use this nut. When you take the video, the equipment also can record the sound.
      4.The nut锛歁IC2 is without the hole, but it is with 
      a rubber fitting inside which can anti-water, When it is in the humidity or dust environment, please use this nut. But when you use this nut, the equipment can not record the sound.
      5.Please tighten the nuts when you use the
      6.Before use the nut, please check if the rubber is inside of the nut. If not, please change the new one.

      Work place: It is only for legal place.    
      Battery: You need to charge it after it does
      not work for long time.
      File safety It is not the professional 
      memory card ,so it can not instead of professional memory card completely. you need to keep back-up.
      Video quality: It is not the professional video equipment, so it can not instead of professional Video Equipment completely.
      Working temperature: 0—45°C,it is better to use in the room temperature.
      Working humidity:20%-80%,it is with waterproof function .Before you enter into the waterproof status ,do not put it into water or humid place.
       I luminance:Please to use it in theluminous place.
      Cleanliness: it is better not to use it in the dust place.
      Other items: It can not use in the high magnetic fields; uniform electric field .It can not be stroked, quick hardly.
      Notice: Please contact the local sellers if you need any other more information or help.


       Video Coding:M-JPEG
       Player Software: Operating systems or mainstream movie playback software
       Picture Format: JPG
       Image Scaling:4:3
       Support System : Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista锛汳ac os 10.4锛汱inux锛
       Interface-type :Mini  USB
       Memory Card Format: Nand flash
       Battery: High-capacity polymer lithium battery

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