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  • Wholesale 1920x1080P Spy Key Style Video Recorder with Digital Camera and Sound Recorder(NIGHT VISION FUNCTION)
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1920x1080P Spy Key Style Video Recorder with Digital Camera and Sound Recorder(NIGHT VISION FUNCTION)

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      AON/OFF BMode Button Crecord Button  DIRmotion detecting/voice control

      Emaster switch  FLens

      Note: voice control function and motion detecting not have at the same time, It depends on the product .


      2,Button Introduction
      1) A Button:

      It is for turn on/turn off

      2) B Button

      up is MODE for photo Mode

      down is for video Mode

      2)C Button:

      the camera record video ,pause,photo

      3) D Button:

      It is Mode Button, for switching between IR Night vision function and(voice control/motion detecting).

      4)E  Button

      Master switch


      It is the lens to record video


      It is the first FULL HD IR Night Vision Car Key Camera with waterproof  in the world.

      This manual introduce how to operate correctly .Please be sure you understand it completely before using.

      1,Special Parts Construction and Introduction


      3,Introduction of Product

      This product is the first FULL HD IR Night Vision Car Key camera with shooting photo recording video, sound recording .IR night vision functions. And, this baby is so practical ,just for the users from business, education ,editor etc.




      1,Connect Camera and PC

      l        Connect USB Cable and Car Key

      l        Connect USB Cable and Computer


      If the Computer can not recognize the movable disc, please input the USB cable again. If the moter long vibration,it must connect well.



      l        Press E Button to the direction of USB

      l        Press A Button for about 2 seconds and release it.

      l        The motor long vibration for about 2 seconds.

      l        Short Press and release the button C.

      l        The motor shot vibration 3 times before recording video.

      l        Press and release the button C for once to stop recording to standby status.

      l        Press and release C button again to start recording.


      3,IR Indicator

      long press D Button 3 seconds .infrared night-vision function open, if you want to shut down the night vision function .press the D Button 3 seconds ,infrared night-vision will close

      4,Shooting an image

      n        Turn On camera

      n        Press button B to the direction of lens

      n        Press and release the button C

      n        The motor vibration twice for one picture


      2、Motion detecting/voice control

      l        Turn On the camera

      l        Short Press and release the button D

      l        Motor vibration 5 times to open motion detecting/voice control

      l        Short press button D to close the motion detecting/voice control


      3、  Movable disc

      a)        Turn Off Camera

      b)        Connect camera and computure with original USB Cable

      c)        The movable disc sign will show on screen of computer


        If the computer can not recognize the camera, please try again.

      7, Time Reset

         Handle Reset

      n        Turn off Camera

      n        Connect Camera and computer with original USB Cable

      n        The Movable Disc will be shown on computer

      n        Open the Movable Disc

      n        Creat a file, *.txt

      n        Input




      n        Save the file as time.txt

      n        Disconnect the camera and computer

      8, Movable Disc

      l        Turn off the Camera(or the camera is in the standby status)

      l        Connect the watch camera and computer with USB Cable


      If the computer can not recognize the movable disc, please try again.




      Video Form


      Video Code


      Video Resolution



      Operation system or major audio and video playback software




      Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vistaMac os 10.4Linux



      Data Transfer Interface

      Mini 4 Pin USB




      Li-ion Battery

      l       Notice

      n        Work place: It is only for legal place.    

      n        Battery: You need to charge it after it does not work for long time.

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