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  • Wholesale 640X480 GSM SMS MINI DV with SD Card Slot
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640X480 GSM SMS MINI DV with SD Card Slot

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      Product Description

      This product uses the Japanese original chip, real-time monitoring, a separate recording, MMS and monitoring functions, compact, stable performance, simple, beautiful and practical, useful products to family, education, and indispensable in the field of life.

      Product instructions

      A basic format of the default format to send text messages to digital
      2 boot GSM card into a product where the SIM card slot, the green light 6 seconds to extinguish the products into the normal working condition. For camera functions, and stored with the TF card into the TF card slot can be. (Note: TF card support up to 8G)
       Shut down the GSM card can remove from the product

      (3) Set the authorization edit the message 000 is sent to this product. Reply the Welcome touse edog your number ******* (owner's mobile phone number) has the bind success! The other numbers can not be operating this product products receive a text message, set success.
      MMS reply edit the message 111 is sent to this product record a 95K size of about 10 seconds of video as an MMS message sent to the owner's number.
      Video mode to edit text message 222 is sent to this product, this product and save the best quality screen video on the TF card to start the video reply to master SMS, content (video record is beginning pease send 333 tostop it later!) received instruction to start recording.
      6. Edit the message 333 is sent to this product or to receive other SMS or master of the masters call to stop recording (saved), and automatically respond to video record the save!
      Recording and Editing text message 555 is sent to this product. To start recording
      Stop recording, editing text messages 666 sent to this product. Stop recording and save.
      8 automatically answer this product has the automatic answer function

      Four. Product parameters
      (1) Pixels: 300,000 pixels
      (2) Resolution: 640 * 480
      3 Play the Post: 30
      Support system: win7, XP, 2003, 2007, vista
      (5) Video format: AVI
      (6) Operating temperature: -10 ° C-60 ° C
      Playback software: fast broadcast storm video
      Power: 5V/DC
      Battery capacity: 650mA
      10 Working time: Standby 10 days
      V. The main purpose
      A travel, when traveling home security, security monitoring
      (2) remote Guardianship of children
      (3) outdoor sports
      4 life video
      5 business activities
      6. Family dinner
      7 training courses
      8 meeting
      9 law enforcement records
      10 driving record
      Six. Note
      A. Set of usage scenarios: strict compliance with relevant state laws, this product may not be used for any illegal purposes, or peril
      Two. Battery: With the growth in the use of time, the battery working time has been shortened, long unused, a fully charged before use.
      3. Player capacity is slightly smaller than the nominal capacity is normal!
      4. File Security: This product is non-professional storage devices, and does not guarantee the integrity and security of internal storage files, please backup your important files on the computer or other storage device immediately.
      5 Video recording quality: This product is non-professional video equipment, does not guarantee that the effect of recording documents up to your expectations.
      6. Operating Humidity: 20% -80%, do not place a wet working environment, the product is not waterproof.
      7. Shooting illumination: in the lit environment, do not please the camera directly to the sun or other strong light source, optical parts injured.
      8. Cleaning: Do not use in the environment of the dust density is too large, so as to avoid the lens and other parts contaminated with dust, affect the camera effects, the lens can be used to rub the paper or glass cloth and gently wipe to keep clean. Other matters: The product is a sophisticated electronic products, do not subject it to strong impact, vibration: Do not use a strong magnetic field, under the strong electric field.
      9. Disposal: Please note that the environmental protection, not free to discard this product. Prohibit the throwing of this product in a fire to avoid explosion.
      10. Additional information: other unknown issues, please contact your local dealer


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