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  • Wholesale 720P HD multi-functional Outdoor Sports Camera
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720P HD multi-functional Outdoor Sports Camera

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      Before using this product, please be sure to read the manual and retain it. Properly use it on the basis of full understanding of the content. Below design and specifications subject to change without notice.


      This product is the first movement DV which has high-definition digital camera, MP3 music function. Built-in large capacity TF card (maximum support 32GB). Has a simple, sleek, beautiful and practical, easy to carry, it is a practical tool of the fields of security, media, tourism, medical, life and favored by the majority of users.


      1.camera 2.string hole 3.status indicator 4.reset hole  5.Microphone 6.USB. 9 function button 8.Speaker 9.dial switch 10. Hanging buckle
      浜 Operating instructions
      1锛 Press buttons for on, off, video

      2锛 Dial switches: above is interval taking pictures, middle is MP3, below is interval shooting

      3. Micro SD (TF) card socket (built-in), used to insert standard Micro SD (TF) card; 2.5 'USB socket (shown above), used to connect a computer or charger, is the interface of data transferring, charging and external power supply.

      4. Startup and shutdown: Shortly press button, red light and green light will alternately, slowly blinking, into the state of corresponding mode, for instance, long press function key in the state of during boot interval recording, red light will slowly flash for about 6 seconds before indicator goes out, machine  will automatically save the current video file and shut down. Note: In standby state, machine will automatically shut down if no operation for 3 minutes.

      5. Video recording: In the state of recording, dial switch to video mode, then short press button to start recording, red light flashing, and then short press the button again, go to next time interval mode, keep the saved video state and recording, blue light slowly flashes, to next time interval setting; in order to ensure the shot file’s size and security, system will automatically save a file every three minutes and continue to record. (According to the indication of status lights of different time intervals, indicator light flashes one time every 10 seconds in time interval mode)
      Note: Please ensure that camera in an environment with adequate lighting and not covered, also keep the vertical and stability of the camera body, and keep at least 50cm distance from camera thing to get an image of correct direction, natural color, and clear screen. Do not block microphone hole in order to ensure a good recording.
      6. Photographing: dial switch to the mode of interval camera status, short press button to camera status, red light slowly flashes, shoot according to different time intervals, red light flashes one time, completing photograph and storing. Go back to standby to wait for the next time interval shooting. (Different lights indicate statuses of different time intervals, indicator light flashes one time every 10 seconds in time interval mode)
      Note: Please ensure that camera in an environment with adequate lighting and not covered, also keep vertical and stability of the camera body, and keep at least 50cm distance from camera thing to get an image of correct direction, natural color, and clear picture. Do not block microphone in order to ensure a good recording.
      Interval status indicator:
      press times State of working mode time interval Status indication
      1 photograph
      10 seconds red light flashes(slow)
       recording 0 seconds 
      2 photograph
      30 seconds blue light flashes(slow)
       recording 3 minutes 
      3 photograph
      1 minute Green light flashes(slow)
       recording 10 minutes 

      7. MP3 music player: dial switch to MP3 mode, blue and green alternately flashes, and start playing music, click to go to the next one if switch songs. (Special note: this product is a one-button simple playback device, there is no volume control and goes to previous one options)
      Note: Machine can be used normally in adequate power state.

      8. Time setting
      Camcorder offers a function of recording time displayed in a video file format:

      Year - month - day - hour - minute - second

      Set time as follows:
      Keep good connection with computer through USB cable in machine’s shutdown state, "Removable hard disk" appears in My Computer. Open WordPad or Notepad in Windows (*. Txt format), input:

      2012-08-10 13:30:30

      Name file name: SysTime.txt
      Save file in root directory of removable disk, disconnect USB cable, then boot the video, time is displayed by video and photograph is the one that newly revised.

      9. Removable disk: when in shutdown or standby mode, you can connect your computer, computer will bounce out the logo of ejecting removable disk, the file directory of image file: When camera and computer are exchanging data, indicator light flashes quickly; To uninstall camera click the lower right corner of the taskbar, removable device Manager icon, and unload removable storage device when system recognizes it is safe to unplug hardware, and then disconnect camera connected to computer.

      10. PC CAM: in mobile hard disk mode, long press button, U disk symbol disappears, USB video camera function
      Note: Identifying removable disk varies due to different computer or system configuration, so please be patient, you have better not do any operations during this period, so as not to impact computer’s recognizing hardware. please try to re-insert it if not recognized for a long time disk, make sure that your operating system, motherboard drivers, 2.5 'USB interface cable work normally; follow standard process to uninstall hardware, so as not to cause damage to computer or camera.

      11. Charge: Connect computer USB port or charger to camera for charging; Red and blue lights flash alternately when battery is charging, there is a long red light when battery is fully charged.
      Note: Camera builds in high-capacity polymer lithium battery, without memory effect, can be used to charge. Please fully charges and runs for the first five times to active maximum capacity and get standard working time; In order to maximize battery storage capacity, charge for more 30 to 60 minutes after light indicates fully charged.
      Time settings: HD pet camcorder offers a function of recording time displayed in a video file; you can set time value and set time or not based on actual need. Time display format: year, month, day, hour, minute, second, such as setting time as follows:
      a. Properly connect machine to your computer via a USB cable, until the emergence of a mapped drive on your computer, click on this drive into root directory.
      b. b. Establish a TXT file in root directory named SETCLK.txt, input current date and time, format is set to "2009,12,15,8,50,38,HT. While holding down two buttons to boot, completing new setting of time and the SETCLK.txt file is automatically deleted, to set up time again, use same operation method.

      13. Exception handling: Camera power is low, can’t start up, please check whether camera has power or not. If there is no enough memory, keep status light to its corresponding standby state and lighting, automatically save current image file and shut down. If you want to continue to use this machine to back up the desired image file on your computer, and delete old files in the memory to free up enough storage space; if camera battery is low, blue light flashes, then exterminate, automatically save current image file and shut down. If you would like to continue to use camera, please charge.

      Item parameters
      video format AVI
      video encoding M-JPEG
      Video Resolution 1280*720P
      Video Frame Rate 30fps±1fps
      Playing software Software built in operating system or Mainstream audio and video
      Picture format JPG
      Image pixels 4032*3024 HD
      Image ratio 4:3
      Support system Windows me/2000/XP/2003/vista/7锛汳ac os 10.4锛汱inux锛
      Charging voltage DC-5V
      Interface type 2.5’ USB
      Storage support built-in MicroSD (TF)
      battery type built-in High-capacity lithium polymer

      IV. Note
      1. Occasions: Please strictly abide by relevant laws; this product may not be used for any illegal purposes, or peril.
      2. Battery: as time goes on, battery working time will be shortened. A fully charged before use if long unused.
      3. File Security: This product is non-professional storage devices, and does not guarantee the integrity and security of internal storage files; please backup your important files on
      computer or other storage device immediately.
      4. Video recording quality: This product is non-professional video equipment; effect of recording documents does not guarantee to meet your expectations.
      5 Operating Temperature: -20 ° C-40 ° C.
      6. Operating Humidity: 20% -80% do not place it in a wet working environment since it is not waterproof.
      7. Shooting illumination: Use in lit environment but not place the camera directly to the sun or other strong light source to avoid damage to optical devices.
      8 Cleaning: Do not use in an environment of large dust density, so as to avoid lens and other parts contaminated with dust, affecting camera effects. Can use paper of glass cloth to wipe the lens to keep clean.

      V. Other matters: This product is a sophisticated electronic product, do not subject it to strong impact or vibration; Do not use it in strong magnetic field or under strong electric field.

      Additional information: Please contact your local dealer for other unknown issues.




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