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  • Wholesale Long Range Recording 2.4GHz Wireless Button Camera with Portable DVR Receiver
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Long Range Recording 2.4GHz Wireless Button Camera with Portable DVR Receiver

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      Specifications of 2.4GHz Long Range Wireless Button Camera with DVR Receiver:
      Modulation Mode: FM
      Unobstructed Effective Range:100~150m(Without Block)
      Operating Temperature:0℃~ +50℃ / +14℃~ +122℃
      Storage Temperature:-20℃ ~ +60℃ / -4℃ ~ +140℃
      Operating Humidity:85%RH
      Camera Parameter:
      Transmission Frequency
      1) General ISM 2,400MHz~ 2,483MHz CH1 CH3
      2) Encrypted: 2370Mhz (CH1); 2510MHz (CH4)
      Audio subcarrier frequency:6.0Mhz
      Antenna:Built-in 2.4G antenna
      Transmitting Range:300 feet in line of sight
      CMOS Total Pixels:656×492(NTSC)
      Horizontal resolution:420TV line
      Frame rate:30FPS
      Built-in mic.:55dB high sensitivity
      View Angle:62°
      Camera lens focus
      Beyond:3m vicinity:10cm
      Minimum Illumination:0.1 Lux / F1.5
      Transmission Power:10mW
      Battery Performance:Li-ion Battery 280 MAH
      Working Time:2.5 hours
      Charge time:1 hour
      Operating voltage:DC 5V
      Operating current:105MA
      Dimensions( LX D):160X15mm
      Receiver Parameter:
      Receiving CH
      1)General: ISM 2,400MHz~ 2,483MHz Channels
      2) Encrypted: 2370Mhz (CH1); 2510MHz (CH4)
      LCD:3.5 inches TFT
      AV out:NTSC / PAL
      Resolution:640*480 / 320*240
      Video compress:MPEG-AVI 30fps
      Play format:RM / RMVB / 3GP / MP4 / FLV / AVI / ASF / WMV / DAT / VOB / MPG
      Frequency:20HZ-20KHz stereo
      Earphone Output
      Left: 20MW+ right 20mW [16O](suit to largest volume)
      Play format:MP3 / WMA / AMR / AAC / FLAC / APE
      File format:JPG/JPEG
      FLASH:2GB-8GB (default 2GB)
      Outer SD card:TF card 1GB-16GB( optional purchase)
      IBM-PC:Windows 2000,XP & VISTA
      Port:HI-USB 2.0
      Language:Multiple languages
      AC adapter:DC 5V 2A
      Built-in battery:Li-battery 1200Mah
      Wireless record:≥2.5 hours
      Video record:≥5 hours


      How do wireless cameras work?
      Wireless cameras are basically wireless transmitters carrying a camera picture signal. The camera is wireless and the video signal travels between the camera's transmitter to the receiver. This works much like a radio. The sound you hear on a radio is wireless and you tune to a certain frequency and hear the sound. Wireless cameras also have channels. The receiver needs to tune into the same channel as is being used by the transmitter in order to receive the picture.

      The process is the following: The Camera sees the image, and sends it to the transmitter.  The transmitter then sends the signal through the air to the receiver, which picks up the signal and outputs it (via a cable connection) to a TV/Monitor/Digital Video Recorder.  Keep in mind that both the camera and transmitter require power. The power is provided either by battery and/or transformer/adapter.

      In some wireless systems, the camera and transmitter is very small and the power is provided to both from one source. A good example of this is a hidden wireless camera in a clock radio.  In this case, the wireless camera is powered by plugging in the clock. The camera and wireless transmitter are provided power by the clock radio internally.

      What are the various wireless frequencies available?
      434MHz is a lower frequency amateur band, which requires a license to operate. It operates on one channel which is picked up directly by a television, without a receiver . With the TV set to channel 59, (cable mode), the actual cable from the input is removed and a UHF antenna (high gain increases the range) is used to receive the signal.  Range can vary from 300-400 up to 1000 feet.  The range can vary depending on frequency interference and other environmental factors.  The antenna is approximately 6.5 inches and operates on 9 volts.

      900MHz is an amateur band which requres a license to operate.  Four channels are available in the 900 band.  The signal goes to a dedicated receiver that is tuned from 902-930.  (Our standard transimitter is set at 916.5 MHz, but we also carry other frequencies.)  Range can vary from 200-700 feet or more, depending upon environmental conditions.  The antenna is approximately 3.5 inches and operates on 9 volts.

      2.4GHz  has 4 channels available and requres no tuning.  It's generally recommended over 434MHz and 900MHz, since the overall quality is superior.   Range varies from 200-700 feet, depending upon environmental conditions, and operates on 12 volts.  Most 2.4GHz units are FCC approved, so no license to operate is required.

      900MHz and 2.4GHz wireless cameras require a receiver to pick up the video signal.  The receiver is then plugged into the monitoring device with the provided RCA cable. 900MHz recievers are sold separately, but 2.4GHz receivers come with all 2.4GHz cameras and transmitters.

      Why is Focal Lens important?
      If you're looking for a security camera for the office or warehouse and you want to see as much as you can, you should look for a 2.8 or 4mm lens (provides a wide, somewhat distant view). If you need to observe a limited area, such as an entrance, you should choose an 8mm lense (provides a narrow view and objects are closer). In other words, the smaller the focal length number, the wider the field of view. To get the most flexibility in choosing the best field of view, consider a varifocal lens.

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