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  • Wholesale New MP3 Watch Spy Camera DVR 1080P With Night Vison Function Support TF Card up to 32GB
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New MP3 Watch Spy Camera DVR 1080P With Night Vison Function Support TF Card up to 32GB

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      First thank you for using our company's products! Beforeusing this product, please carefully read this user manual. In order to be better service, some of the performance and function that be mentioned in this manual may be updated. The change for the product performance and function will not befurther notice.


      1.         This product is the frist watch with high-definition video recording function and built-in memory,also named"Watch Camera".It may takeboth photo and video.With simple operation,elegant design and small size,it is easy to carry.Consumer like it as a good tool of business,education,security,media,justice,tourism,medical care and so on.3.Operation instructionA. Power on

          With the system off,hold down the video operation button for more than one second,then the red indicator flashes,indicating that the system enters standby status.B. Taking video and voice recording:

          With the system on standby, by a short press on the video operation button,the red indicator turns off first,after 3 seconds,it lights up for a short time and then turns off again,at this time taking video begins(By a short press on the photograph button,you can check the current working state, the red indicator flashes three times means that the system is taking video).During taking videos,with a short press on the video operation button,the system will stop taking videos and save the video files to return to standby while the red indicator lights up.

          Note: you have to turn the knob on the  crown of microphoneanticlockwise to open the sound hole for camera and voice recordingfunction.C. Nightvision function:press PHOTO button for a long time with videostate(the red indicator flashes three times),the infrared nightvision LEDlight will light up(if the system is on standby,pressing PHOTObutton for a short time will start photograph function) ,it will turn offautomatically if you stop taking video and save the video file,duringtaking video,press PHOTO button for a long time,the infrarednightvision LED light will turn off(the red indicator flashes once).D.Taking photo

          With the system on standby,you can take one photo by each short press on the photograph button while the red indicator flashes once.In the status of taking photo,Taking video will begin by a short press on the video operation button.E. Play MP3 music

          With the system on standby,plug the headphones into the system,playing MP3 music begins and the red indicator flashes.

          Note:please copy the music files into the "AUDIO" folder of the TF card before playing music.F. Next track/volume +

          When playing MP3 music,the system can skip to the beginning of the next track by a short press on the video operation button,and you can turn the volume up by a long press on the video operation button.G. Previous track/volume -

          When playing MP3 music,the system can skip to the beginning of the previous track by a short press on the photograph button, and you can turn the volume down by a long press on the photograph button.H. Quit MP3 mode

          When playing MP3 music,the red indicator lights up with unplug the headphones,indicating that the system enters standby.I. Power off

          With the system on standby,it can be turned off by a long press on the video operation button and the red indicator turns off at the same Time.With the system on standby, If no any operation,the system will turn off automatically in one minute.J. Low battery

          During taking video,the system will save the file automatically and then turns off before the battery runs out.K. Charge

          Connect to computer USB interface or charger with a USB extension cable equipped for this equipment.In this case,charging will begin automatically.During charging, the red indicator flashes.Once the battery is fully charged,the red indicator will light up.L.Operation method for waterproof function:

           screw the knob on the crown of microphone clockwise until tight,inthis case,waterproof function can be used(note:voice recording functioncan not be used while the watch is in a state of waterproof.)N. Operation method of clock adjustment knob:

          There are three ways to adjust the crown

          Part(1): The normal work position of watch

          Part(2): To the watch without calendar,that position is for adjusting

                       the time.To the watch With calendar,that position has two

                       functions:A-Turning the handhold by clockwise To adjust

                       the week calendar,  B-Turning the handhold by anticlockwise

                       to adjust the day calendar

          Part(3): Only for the watch with calendar to adjust the time4. Saving file

          After finishing taking video or photo,connect to computer USB interface with a USB extension cable,then you can copy the files into computer to play.

          Note:don't connect to computer during taking video or photo.5. Reset

          If the system stops responding due to improper operation or other unexpected reason,you have to reset it,you can press on the video operation button and the photograph button synchronously to reset it,in this case the indicator turns off,indicating that the system is turned off.

          Note:the system will be turned off for resetting,but it cannot save the file automatically in this case.6. Setup time

          First copy the "update time tool v2.0" folder from the CD equipped for this equipment to the computer and confirm that the computer's time is accurate,then connect to the computer and confirm the "Removeable disk" has been in existence,then run the file "update time tool v2.0" in the folder "update time tool v2.0" copied to the computer,now the system's time is the same with the computer's Time.7. Webcam function

          First you need to install the camera driver in you computer.Copy the folder "ak3631 PC Camera" from the CD equipped for this equipment to the computer,then connect to the computer and confirm the "Removeable disk" has been in existence,with a long press on the video operation button,the computer will know that a certain new piece of hardware exists and instruct you to install it.Choose the column "install from the list or specified position",with clicking "next step", pick out the folder "ak3631 PC Camera" copied to thecomputer from the column "browse" and then continue to install it.After installing,a icon of video device will be present in the folder



      More features


      15.ARM9 32-bit

      16.microprocessor core 
      17.Operation system     
      18.Embedded System    
      20.Video encoding 
      22.signal system    
      23.digital signal    
      24.Video resolution      
      25.VAG(640*480 / 1280*720/1280*960/1920*1080) 
      26.Lowest illumination 
      31.white balance


      34.Automatic white balance  




      43.30 mega-pixel / 100 mega-pixel/130 mega-pixel200 mega-pixel,1锛6 CMOS      
      44.Clock adjustment     
      45.Real-time Clock  adjustment  
      46.TF CARD 


      52.microsoft win98



      58.Applied Scope:meeting





      66.stainless steel    

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